The “Crazy chariots race” was born in 2001 in Faenza from the idea of ​​some young members of the Rione Verde who during the winter began to study what to organize for the weeks of the June Palio, a period in which the 5 districts of the city celebrating waiting for the Palio del Niballo. The idea initially appeared rather odd but, as often happens, for this very reason it slowly took shape and gathered the enthusiasm of all the local members. Each participating crew did not need much: a chariot, two “shooters” instead of horses and a charioteer on top of the chariot. The event had very little of history and a lot of goliardic and folkloric. Several crews wore “Roman” themed clothes but others had costumes and decorations that had little to do with the time. It was immediately a great success, with two wings of crowds that filled Via Cavour and shouted at the various crews in the race. From the following year, the organization of the race was entrusted to the Medieval Academy, which took care of all the details and made it a reference event for the whole city. Over the course of a few years, the “Crazy chariots race” will become famous throughout the city, involving also crews from neighboring cities, local TV and radio. In 2011 it was an English TV that contacted the organizers to organize a chariots race within their reality show in which famous English VIP participated. The race was held in Piazza del Popolo on a Sunday in July with professional directors, technicians and cameramen. Despite a few years of suspension, the 18th edition was reached in 2019, which was run for the first time in Piazza del Popolo with a completely renewed format in which crews from other Italian cities participated for the first time in which particular chariot races took place. The Crazy Chariot Race continues to renew itself over time, amid the enthusiasm of the public and the participation of those who want to get involved by challenging their opponents in a completely unusual way. VIDEO Chariots The Best: