MEDIOEVAL ACADEMY offers suggestive settings with cross-sections of medieval life through the following representations:

  • CERAMIST pitchers, mugs, bowls and basins
  • ANCIENT WRITER miniatures and writings in gothic characters
  • TAILORING fabrics, linens, costumes and accessories
  • SPEZIALE essences, aromas, flowers and dried herbs
  • SPINNING yarn processing on looms and fabrics
  • JOINERY woodworking and casting
  • MINTING OF COIN beating of copper disks with special minting
  • WEAPONS MANUFACTURER spades, halberds, maces, swords and daggers, armor and crests
  • MOSAIC reconstructions of images

Setting up of a camp animated by nobles, courtiers, commoners, executioners and witches:

  • medieval tend with a round table inside, benches, leather chairs and exhibition spaces;
  • hostaria: gazebo in wood with proposed tastings of bruschetta and spiced wine