The late Middle Ages were characterized by “bacchanalS” where for days food of all kinds were served uninterruptedly, alternating flavors without order and priority.

The many years of experience of the Medieval Academy which makes use of expert and qualified chefs, on the occasion of hostarias, banquets and bacchanals, offers diners the pleasure of the table and the rediscovery of ancient and particular flavors through the development of appropriate menus.

Today these menus for their diversity and characteristics are constantly re-proposed in any type of event and not only during historical re-enactments. MEDIOEVAL ACADEMY through a scenic setting with banners, shields, drapes and signs creates banquets, dinners and bacchanals setting up tables with jute and terracotta dishes. The dishes, placed on sedan chairs, are served to diners by pages in historical costume and presented by a cantimbanco who alternating with music, dances and various juggling, makes the entire event evocative and spectacular.